Kibaki in North Eastern

December 17, 2007


With just 10 days to the election,President Kibaki took his re-election campaigns to North Eastern where he asked voters to re-elect him, citing his development record and projects initiated in the region since he took over power. After campaigning in the far-flung Ijara District, President Kibaki flew to Garissa, where he promised to inject more resources in marginalised areas.

As the campaign period entered its last leg, President Kibaki dangled his development record to Kenyans and urged voters to reject his rivals. “Do not listen to those who are making empty promises which they will not fulfill. You’ve seen how we’ve improved the country and we will move to do more in the next five years,” said the President.

He commissioned the Masalani Suspension Bridge in Ijara District and reiterated that his Government was committed to improve infrastructure countrywide.

President Kibaki urged Ijara residents to take advantage of the new bridge by increasing their livestock and farm produce as transportation of goods to the market was now easier.President expressed confidence that he will win the election because of his development record.

He reminded voters that the country needed development conscious leaders who will improve their lives and urged them to ignore “those making empty promises which they will not fulfill.” He also warned leaders and voters to shun election violence, stating that peace after the polls was key to development.

Stressing that his Government was committed to implementing development in all parts of the country without discrimination, Kibaki said plans are under way to rehabilitate the road networking in the district and open up remote areas for development.

He assured Ijara residents that his Government has earmarked supply of electricity through the rural electrification programme starting at the district headquarters which will be extended to all divisional bases.

He added that water projects would also be implemented in the dry district to ensure its residents obtained clean water.

On education, he said starting next month his Government will provide free secondary education to enable all Kenyan youths acquire skills regardless of their backgrounds.

He said his administration has set aside Sh3 billion for the Youth Enterprise development fund and a similar amount for women. The president was accompanied by the Kanu chairman Uhuru Kenyatta and outgoing area MP Yusuf Hajji who also addressed the crowd.

Kibaki will today be campaigning in Kisumu as the days to the big day get closer.


Kibaki in Marsabit

December 17, 2007


President Kibaki on Saturday took his campaign to Marsabit where he created eight new divisions and promised to set up a military base to ensure that security is maintained along the 600-km Kenya- Ethiopian border.

“Recently, our people were attacked and injured along the border when the Ethiopian government was cracking down on members of the Oromo Liberation Front,” the immediate Norrth Horr MP Mr Ukur Yattani said at Bubisa trading centre. Mr Yattani added that six local people were arrested and locked up in Moyale. 

President Kibaki ordered that the six be released immediately, saying they had not violated the Kenyan law.

And while speaking at Marsabit Stadium, the President sought to assure residents that Ethiopian militias will no longer cross the border to harass them. “We cannot allow foreigners to come to Kenya and destabilise  our people,” the Head of State said. 

The government, he pledged, will also put up a GSU camp at Gas trading centre where incidents of cattle rustling have been witnessed in the recent past.

Home guards in the Gas area and North Horr who had been disarmed after they raided a neighbouring area to recover stolen animals will have their firearms returned, at the same time, home guards in Forolle, Dukana and Turbi will also be given more firearms,President Kibaki said.

The President created  Dakha Baricha, Omarr, Karare, Segei, Shurr and Kalacha divisions in the newly created Chalbi District. He also created Kargi and Ngurnit divisions Laisamis district. 

And in response to requests by immediate former MP for Laisamis

In Chalbi and Laisamis,to put up one secondary school in each of the districts. 

He also promised the local communities, who are mainly pastoralists, that the government will implement a re-stocking programme to help them recover from loss of livestock to drought and cattle rustling in the last few years.

Mr Joseph Ole Kuton, the President pledged

In Chalbi and Laisamis, the President promised to put up one secondary school in each of the districts. 

He also promised the local communities, who are mainly pastoralists, that the government will implement a re-stocking programme to help them recover from loss of livestock to drought and cattle rustling in the last few years.

President creates new districts

December 15, 2007


President Mwai Kibaki’s intensified campaigns in the last one month have increased the number of districts to 145. The Head of State has nearly tripled the 57 districts he found in 2003 as he responds to public demand for closer administration.

In two weeks the President has been in Western and Eastern provinces, where eight districts have been born.

The newest districts are Chuka, Mara, Shinyalu, Kilome, Navakholo, Bura, Lafey and Siakago.

President Kibaki had also carved Laisamis, Chalbi, Garbatula, Tigania, Igembe, Imenti North, Imenti South, Mutomo, Kyuso, Mwala, Yatta, Kangundo, Mbooni, Kibwezi and Nzaui districts in Eastern Province.

Western Province earlier got Hamisi, Emuhaya, Mumias, Bungoma North, Bungoma East, Bungoma West, Samia, Bunyala and Teso South districts.

In Nairobi Province, the new districts are Nairobi West, Nairobi East and Nairobi North.Coast Province bagged Kilindini, Msambweni, Kinango, Kaloleni, Tana Delta and Taveta districts.

In North Eastern Province, Fafi, Wajir North, Wajir South, Wajir West, Mandera West, and Mandera Central are the new districts.

Central province got Nyandarua North, Nyeri North, Murang’a South, Kiambu West and Gatundu.

Rift Valley received Turkana Central, North Pokot, Samburu East , Samburu North, Trans Nzoia East, East Pokot, Uasin Gishu South, Wareng, Laikipia West, Laikipia North, Molo, Naivasha, Nakuru North, Narok South, Loitoktok, Kipkelion and Sotik districts.

Nyanza had its share in Rarieda, Kisumu East, Rongo, South Kisii, Borabu and Masaba districts.

Kibaki pushes high turnout

December 15, 2007


President Kibaki on Friday campaigned for his re-election in Kiambu with a call to residents turn out in large numbers and vote on December 27. The tour took him to Kikuyu, Kimende, Limuru, Githunguri, Gatundu and Thika. “We should come out in large numbers and vote on the day of the elections. The exercise will only take a short time but we must vote to ensure the good work that we have started continues,” he said at every stop-over.

He promised the people that he would declare where the money for the programme would be obtained in January

Kibaki further assured the Kenyans that the introduction of the free secondary education would not lead to increased taxation.

He advised women and youths to apply for enterprise funds which would be repaid at five per cent interest.At Githunguri, the President asked voters to make their own decision on which leaders they thought was best to serve them in his next government. He told on residents to allow even those who did not want to acknowledge his development record to sell their policies freely. 

He noted that the country had registered tremendous development, a thing he would like to continue. He promised that he would return to the region next year to discuss issues affecting the country.

At the same time, the President warned the country to shun violence during the electioneering period. He said the Government would not tolerate anyone who will cause chaos. 

At Ndumberi, President Kibaki said those with eyes can attest to his development record.Tomorrow, the President will tour the greater Marsabit and Isiolo districts where he will address a series of rallies. He will inaugurate the Isiolo-Merille River road before addressing a rally at Isiolo stadium.

Give me wise MP’s

December 14, 2007


President Kibaki on Thursday asked political parties supporting his re-election to give him credible leaders to work with in the next Parliament. The President who steered clear of publicly endorsing PNU candidates during his tour of Embu and Mbeere districts, said he was prepared to work with the choice of the people.

“I have no doubt that we are winning this election and victors in parties which have resolved to back me should know we shall function as a one big party in the next Parliament,” he told a rally in Siakago constituency.

“Although you cannot rule out their little differences during such a time of seeking parliamentary seats, it should be a healthy competition,” he said.

The Head of State dismissed his rivals as only interested in clinching power at the expense of the welfare of Kenyans. He directed that Sh641 million owed to farmers by the Coffee Board of Kenya be released next week.

The money accrued from hundreds of tones of coffee sold by the board ten years ago.

Addressing a campaign rally in Runyenjes, the President also warned parents not taking their children to school that they will face the law.

Treasury release sh.6 billion

December 13, 2007


Treasury will release sh.6 billion starting next week to benefit women and young people president kibaki announced on Tuesday 12 December. The president who was campaigning at Muthara market in Tigania District said that the cash for the youth enterprise and women funds had been processed and provincial heads of department in relevant ministries are expected to collect it. Each group will receive sh.3 billion from the funds.

Kibaki promised the farmers of the area an electric fence was erected around the Meru National Park to cordon off rogue elephants from destroying crops.

As the president wound up his Meru tour, he declared that none of his challengers had the muscle to defeat him. He also appealed for a violence -free campaign as we grew closer to the election day.

Earlier on at Mutuati trading centre, the Head of State commissioned tarmacking of 37-kilometre Kaweru-Mutuati-Kachulu-Kamwelini road which is expected to be completed by January 2009.


December 13, 2007


Hosting the 44th Jamhuri Day celebrations at the Nyayo Stadium yesterdayWednesday 12 December, President Kibaki addressed the crowd that was gathered to ritually celebrate the day. In the 40 minute speech Kibaki exuded confidence of winning the upcoming elections.

He also used celebrations to rule out a majimbo system of government but said he would accelerate and strengthen the basic structures of devolution that have been set up in the last five years of his Government. Kibaki also spoke of a clean, representative Cabinet, a middle level economy, war on corruption and a new constitution in a few months. He said he would appoint a clean hands Cabinet made up of men and women of integrity from among the decent men and women that the voters would elect and promised to pick a cabinet that would blend experience and youth. He asked the 14.2 million voters to elect leaders of integrity “who are fit for public office and with no record of engaging in corrupt practices”. 

President Kibaki said fighting graft did not merely involve jailing or prosecuting offenders. It also entailed changing of attitudes, values and ethics of a society among other things. It also involved adhering to rules and regulations. He said: “It is about ensuring that those who commit crimes pay for their actions.”

President Kibaki also set tough terms for his second-term Cabinet, declaring that any minister who would be suspected of corruption would have to resign immediately and remain out of office until cleared after investigations.

The 44th celebration of Kenya’s independence was spiced up by entertainment and trooping of colours by the Kenya Air Force battalion from Nanyuki Air base. The usual parade of scouts, the prison and police officers were missing.

Marking the fifth celebration in his leadership, President Kibaki revisited the thorny issue of constitutional review and promised that his next government would take “a few months” to give Kenyans a new constitution. 

“We have learnt from the past five years that we can best deliver a new constitution through a non-partisan and patriotic approach,” he said.

Highlights of his speech included rejection of the majimbo system of government. He promised to strengthen the current structure of devolution such as Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and Local Authorities Transfer Fund.

The model of devolution his Government would pursue will put responsibility and finances in local structures. “We are a greater country today because of these changes and I am determined to build on these strong foundations to bring about even greater changes,” he added.

He added by concluding: “I envision a country with well-built and maintained roads, clean and bustling cities and towns, better ports, improved and new railways and excellent communication networks.” He would also ensure a Kenya without slums, but with well planned cities and towns with tens of thousands of affordable rental houses and decent homes. Rural areas will be provided with clean water, better roads and electricity.

“It is my cherished dream… to lead this country to higher prosperity and equity so that the lives of all Kenyans are changed permanently for the better.”

Kibaki’s pledge in Meru

December 11, 2007


President Kibaki addressed a rally at Kinoru stadium in Embu Town yesterday, at the start of a two-day tour of the region.The President has said he would consider extending free education to university level if re-elected.

He said students should get quality education irrespective of their social background.The Government’s commitment to the provision of free secondary education beginning next year was aimed at ensuring future development of the country, he said.

He added that families relieved of the burden of paying school fees should use the money saved to improve their welfare and build decent houses because his Government had put in place grand plans to equitably develop the entire country.

Kibaki dismissed claims that he favours certain regions in his development agenda as mere propaganda.“I do not favour any part of the country in the distribution of resources and that is why in all the corners of the country I have visited, people have assured me that they will elect me for a second term.”

The President who had earlier commissioned the construction of the 82 kilometre Meru-Mikinduri-Maua road into bitumen standard said his Government would ensure farmers got value for their produce through improved roads. He said the development projects being witnessed across the country were a result of prudent collection and usage of taxes.

He thanked the people of Meru for their continued support for him over the years and hoped they would this time round turn out in large numbers to ensure that all the 700,000 votes from the region were cast in his favour.

The President praised Energy minister Kiraitu Murungi saying he had performed well in the rural electrification programme being carried out country-wide. Kibaki made stopovers at Nkubu, Nkuvu, Chogoria and Chuka. He said his main challenger, ODM’s Raila Odinga, should be allowed to campaign freely in Central Kenya. There was nothing wrong in allowing Mr Odinga free access to the region since he too had made forays into Mr Odinga’s Nyanza turf. But he dismissed the majimbo system saying it only existed in Mr Odinga’s dreams. Kenyans, he said, would not embrace the system.

Today the President is scheduled to tour Tharaka, Tigania and Igembe districts and address rallies at Marimanti market and Maua stadium. 

Kibaki urges campaign peace

December 10, 2007


With only 18 days to elections President Kibaki yesterday asked parliamentary and civic candidates to stop playing dirty and instead promote peace and unity during campaigns.The President expressed confidence in winning the elections, promising to fulfil all  electoral pledges he had made.He also appealed to Kenyans to shun violence.

While attending a church service at the House of Grace church in Langata, the president urged the campaigning leaders to avoid wicthcraft and rather turn to the Lord. After his service, Kibaki addressed a a crowd that was cheering him outside the church. He told them and he dosen’t see why people should incite others into violence during this time.

President Kibaki also appealed to religious leaders to take a leading role in preaching against violence in the country.

Kibaki in Langata

December 8, 2007


President Kibaki took the battle for president to Lang’ata backyard where he said the General Election should not divide the country.He avoided direct attacks on his main challenger in a slum famous for its volatility.

This was Kibaki’s first tour of Lang’ata constituency, where he expressed confidence that he would win.The president lashed at leaders who invoke ethnic sentiments to woo votes. “Do not try to promote ethnic divisions as you campaign. Kenya is for all of us and it will be there for us. After all, elections are only for a day,” he said.

Kibaki addressed a crowd at the Kibera DO’s office during a peaceful rally where he was accompanied by PNU parliamentary candidate, Mr Stanley Livondo.

Kibaki urged the people of Kibera not to be jealous or hate their neighbour because he/she is supporting another party. He also told them not to assault anyone but rather mind their business and vote for the one they like.

Kibaki said he had achieved a lot during his first tenure and therefore deserved another term. He enumerated his achievements, among them free primary education and promised more radical programmes.

“What we are pledging are new programmes to improve your livelihoods. Those claiming we are for the status quo are liars,” he said. Adding that he would invest in upgrading Urban housing.

Kibaki asked area residents to return from the Christmas festivities and vote.

He had earlier campaigned in Kamukunji on a leg that took him to Majengo slums and Pumwani.

The President opened the Machakos Bus Terminus and the Muthurwa Hawkers’ Market.

He said the Government would also upgrade 12 other markets in Nairobi and more than 100 others in other towns.

Kibaki also hinted that his Government was considering supplementing tuition fees for students in tertiary institutions.

From Muthurwa, Kibaki went to Nairobi West, Otiende and Kibera before heading to Silver Springs Hotel for lunch.

In Nairobi West, he asked Kenyans to elect development-conscious leaders.