Its no joke


Plans for the provision of tution fees in secondary schools in January are complete, Education permanent secretary Karega Mutahi has said.

“We are ready to start offering free education to students in public secondary schools next year,” said the PS after opening a workshop on quality assurance in higher education at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Nairobi.

He said the Government was committed to ensure all Kenyan children have access to 14 years of basic education–two in nursery, eight in primary and four at secondary level. “Kenyans should rest assured that we are serious on free secondary schooling and it comes to effect in January,” said Prof Mutahi. 

President Kibaki has promised that his government will offer free secondary education next year if elected.The Government has set aside Sh4.3 billion to meet the cost of learning materials at an annual rate of Sh3,600 per student in public schools.

Out of the Sh3,600 to be disbursed to schools, Sh2,185 will be used to buy text books, Sh728 exercise books while Sh300 will be spent on laboratory equipment and chemicals. The balance will be spent on chalk, dusters, registers and internal assessment examinations. 

Parents will meet the cost of boarding and other requirements.

He said mechanisms have been put in place to ensure students who sat the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examination this year join secondary schools. The tuition waiver is expected to increase more than 200,000 students in secondary schools.Prof Mutahi’s assurance on free schooling came as it emerged that a task force led by educationist Edda Gachukia on affordable secondary education, has proposed that students in day schools be educated at no cost. 

This means parents will not pay a single cent if the proposal is implemented.

Sources said the team has proposed that parents with students in boarding schools will only pay the boarding fee that has been revised to remove charges that have no direct bearing to learning.


4 Responses to “Its no joke”

  1. Kenyan Says:

    Bravo sir!!
    We all salute you

  2. victor hugo Says:

    hi mwai kibaki I Don´t have a e-mail?

  3. Musa Nduati Says:

    I am ashamed that we always receycle the “old garments” yaani the politicians who are greedy and lazy like the one above! Only know how best to satisy their fellow politicians by expandng the cabinet and letting them go tax free……… time it needs alight dictatorship whne it come to such issues

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