Kibaki in North Eastern


With just 10 days to the election,President Kibaki took his re-election campaigns to North Eastern where he asked voters to re-elect him, citing his development record and projects initiated in the region since he took over power. After campaigning in the far-flung Ijara District, President Kibaki flew to Garissa, where he promised to inject more resources in marginalised areas.

As the campaign period entered its last leg, President Kibaki dangled his development record to Kenyans and urged voters to reject his rivals. “Do not listen to those who are making empty promises which they will not fulfill. You’ve seen how we’ve improved the country and we will move to do more in the next five years,” said the President.

He commissioned the Masalani Suspension Bridge in Ijara District and reiterated that his Government was committed to improve infrastructure countrywide.

President Kibaki urged Ijara residents to take advantage of the new bridge by increasing their livestock and farm produce as transportation of goods to the market was now easier.President expressed confidence that he will win the election because of his development record.

He reminded voters that the country needed development conscious leaders who will improve their lives and urged them to ignore “those making empty promises which they will not fulfill.” He also warned leaders and voters to shun election violence, stating that peace after the polls was key to development.

Stressing that his Government was committed to implementing development in all parts of the country without discrimination, Kibaki said plans are under way to rehabilitate the road networking in the district and open up remote areas for development.

He assured Ijara residents that his Government has earmarked supply of electricity through the rural electrification programme starting at the district headquarters which will be extended to all divisional bases.

He added that water projects would also be implemented in the dry district to ensure its residents obtained clean water.

On education, he said starting next month his Government will provide free secondary education to enable all Kenyan youths acquire skills regardless of their backgrounds.

He said his administration has set aside Sh3 billion for the Youth Enterprise development fund and a similar amount for women. The president was accompanied by the Kanu chairman Uhuru Kenyatta and outgoing area MP Yusuf Hajji who also addressed the crowd.

Kibaki will today be campaigning in Kisumu as the days to the big day get closer.


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