Kibaki pushes high turnout


President Kibaki on Friday campaigned for his re-election in Kiambu with a call to residents turn out in large numbers and vote on December 27. The tour took him to Kikuyu, Kimende, Limuru, Githunguri, Gatundu and Thika. “We should come out in large numbers and vote on the day of the elections. The exercise will only take a short time but we must vote to ensure the good work that we have started continues,” he said at every stop-over.

He promised the people that he would declare where the money for the programme would be obtained in January

Kibaki further assured the Kenyans that the introduction of the free secondary education would not lead to increased taxation.

He advised women and youths to apply for enterprise funds which would be repaid at five per cent interest.At Githunguri, the President asked voters to make their own decision on which leaders they thought was best to serve them in his next government. He told on residents to allow even those who did not want to acknowledge his development record to sell their policies freely. 

He noted that the country had registered tremendous development, a thing he would like to continue. He promised that he would return to the region next year to discuss issues affecting the country.

At the same time, the President warned the country to shun violence during the electioneering period. He said the Government would not tolerate anyone who will cause chaos. 

At Ndumberi, President Kibaki said those with eyes can attest to his development record.Tomorrow, the President will tour the greater Marsabit and Isiolo districts where he will address a series of rallies. He will inaugurate the Isiolo-Merille River road before addressing a rally at Isiolo stadium.


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