Give me wise MP’s


President Kibaki on Thursday asked political parties supporting his re-election to give him credible leaders to work with in the next Parliament. The President who steered clear of publicly endorsing PNU candidates during his tour of Embu and Mbeere districts, said he was prepared to work with the choice of the people.

“I have no doubt that we are winning this election and victors in parties which have resolved to back me should know we shall function as a one big party in the next Parliament,” he told a rally in Siakago constituency.

“Although you cannot rule out their little differences during such a time of seeking parliamentary seats, it should be a healthy competition,” he said.

The Head of State dismissed his rivals as only interested in clinching power at the expense of the welfare of Kenyans. He directed that Sh641 million owed to farmers by the Coffee Board of Kenya be released next week.

The money accrued from hundreds of tones of coffee sold by the board ten years ago.

Addressing a campaign rally in Runyenjes, the President also warned parents not taking their children to school that they will face the law.


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