Kibaki’s pledge in Meru


President Kibaki addressed a rally at Kinoru stadium in Embu Town yesterday, at the start of a two-day tour of the region.The President has said he would consider extending free education to university level if re-elected.

He said students should get quality education irrespective of their social background.The Government’s commitment to the provision of free secondary education beginning next year was aimed at ensuring future development of the country, he said.

He added that families relieved of the burden of paying school fees should use the money saved to improve their welfare and build decent houses because his Government had put in place grand plans to equitably develop the entire country.

Kibaki dismissed claims that he favours certain regions in his development agenda as mere propaganda.“I do not favour any part of the country in the distribution of resources and that is why in all the corners of the country I have visited, people have assured me that they will elect me for a second term.”

The President who had earlier commissioned the construction of the 82 kilometre Meru-Mikinduri-Maua road into bitumen standard said his Government would ensure farmers got value for their produce through improved roads. He said the development projects being witnessed across the country were a result of prudent collection and usage of taxes.

He thanked the people of Meru for their continued support for him over the years and hoped they would this time round turn out in large numbers to ensure that all the 700,000 votes from the region were cast in his favour.

The President praised Energy minister Kiraitu Murungi saying he had performed well in the rural electrification programme being carried out country-wide. Kibaki made stopovers at Nkubu, Nkuvu, Chogoria and Chuka. He said his main challenger, ODM’s Raila Odinga, should be allowed to campaign freely in Central Kenya. There was nothing wrong in allowing Mr Odinga free access to the region since he too had made forays into Mr Odinga’s Nyanza turf. But he dismissed the majimbo system saying it only existed in Mr Odinga’s dreams. Kenyans, he said, would not embrace the system.

Today the President is scheduled to tour Tharaka, Tigania and Igembe districts and address rallies at Marimanti market and Maua stadium. 


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