Kibaki in Langata


President Kibaki took the battle for president to Lang’ata backyard where he said the General Election should not divide the country.He avoided direct attacks on his main challenger in a slum famous for its volatility.

This was Kibaki’s first tour of Lang’ata constituency, where he expressed confidence that he would win.The president lashed at leaders who invoke ethnic sentiments to woo votes. “Do not try to promote ethnic divisions as you campaign. Kenya is for all of us and it will be there for us. After all, elections are only for a day,” he said.

Kibaki addressed a crowd at the Kibera DO’s office during a peaceful rally where he was accompanied by PNU parliamentary candidate, Mr Stanley Livondo.

Kibaki urged the people of Kibera not to be jealous or hate their neighbour because he/she is supporting another party. He also told them not to assault anyone but rather mind their business and vote for the one they like.

Kibaki said he had achieved a lot during his first tenure and therefore deserved another term. He enumerated his achievements, among them free primary education and promised more radical programmes.

“What we are pledging are new programmes to improve your livelihoods. Those claiming we are for the status quo are liars,” he said. Adding that he would invest in upgrading Urban housing.

Kibaki asked area residents to return from the Christmas festivities and vote.

He had earlier campaigned in Kamukunji on a leg that took him to Majengo slums and Pumwani.

The President opened the Machakos Bus Terminus and the Muthurwa Hawkers’ Market.

He said the Government would also upgrade 12 other markets in Nairobi and more than 100 others in other towns.

Kibaki also hinted that his Government was considering supplementing tuition fees for students in tertiary institutions.

From Muthurwa, Kibaki went to Nairobi West, Otiende and Kibera before heading to Silver Springs Hotel for lunch.

In Nairobi West, he asked Kenyans to elect development-conscious leaders.


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