Speaking in Nyeri yesterday, President Kibaki appealed to Kenyans to be tolerant of different political views as the country nears the December 27 General Election.

President Kibaki, himself a Catholic, recalled Archbishop Kirima as a humorous person who was full of compassion.The prelate’s death will always rekindle fond memories in those who knew him and his Episcopal contributions to the church and the society.

John Cardinal Njue who conducted the Mass said the Catholic Church had lost a great man who carried out his duties with utmost dedication.“His ailment notwithstanding, I found a man who never said he was tired and only wanted to go ahead,” he said.        

Later into his speech President Kibaki said: “I ask Kenyans to show the rest of the world that we practise mature and tolerant politics. Do not allow any individual or group to be harassed or discriminated against because they hold different political views from the majority in that locality.”

Kibaki called on religious leaders to guide fellow Kenyans as electioneering reaches critical stage. He said, “I appeal to leaders of all faiths and communities to rise above the temporary political passions fuelled by political competition, and play their rightful role in promoting, tolerance, reconciliation, and the common good of our nation. Let us remember that when the elections have come and gone we will continue to worship and fellowship together.”


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