Pledge to teachers


The nearly 240,000 teachers countrywide were yesterday promised a pay rise next year, should President Kibaki win the December 27 General Election. The President announced that the Government would set up the Teachers Service Remuneration Committee to work out details of the proposed salary increase.

President Kibaki announced that the Government would set up a special committee to work on the finer details of the pay rise and other terms of service for teachers.Members of the planned Teachers Remuneration Committee are to get their appointment letters soon, and settle down to begin work early next year.

President Kibaki also assured PI teachers holding Form Six certificates that they would also be promoted if he is re-elected to the top job.

He promised more goodies for the educational sector, including giving bursaries and loans to students in polytechnics and middle-level colleges.

Apart from offering free secondary education, the Government will also waive fees paid at the pre-school level, said the Head of State.

President Kibaki spoke of additional funds to put up more day schools to smoothen the implementation of free secondary education.


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