Kibaki woos Rift Valley

hsub2021207.jpgPresident Mwai Kibaki hit the road for the second day of his South Rift tour with a promise that members of the community would have a greater stake in his next government.

The President who burrowed through the dusty and ragged terrain for more than 40 kilometres addressing crowds who turned up at the various spots, asked wananchi to vote for pro-PNU parliamentary candidates.

The campaign rallies come barely three days after 4,000 delegates met at Kapkatet grounds and endorsed his re-election bid. The delegates were drawn from Bomet, Sotik and Bureti districts.

The President created Chebunyo division in Chepalungu constituency of Bomet District.

He distanced himself from the propaganda leaflets being circulated in the larger Rift Valley region saying his government was too mature to stoop that low. The president said had no time to answer critics on small matters.

“I cannot talk about what my critics are saying about me. I would rather concentrate in development activity and leave the rest to answer them,” he said.

President Kibaki said he was confident of winning the race in the forthcoming polls because of his development record.

“We have spent all the five years and we are confident of forming the next government in which we shall accomplish the remaining bits,” said the President.

He said he was the best candidate with the experience and development record, calling on voters to back him in the December 27 General Election.

“I only want five years top continue serving the people of Kenya so that I return home and rest from work,” he said. He added that his competitors for the presidency were only driven by the desire to occupy State House and dismissed them as people who have failed in smaller positions. At the same time, the President announced that his government had reduced foreign aid to seven per cent.

He said he was genuinely concerned about the development of the country as opposed to his competitors.

The President urged people from Rift Valley to join the Party of National Unity. “You have a choice to make between development or dreamers who just want to occupy the office.”

Kibaki was accompanied by Cabinet ministers Paul Sang’ ( Health) John Michuki ( International Security), Gender and Sports assistant minister Alicen Chelaite and outgoing MP Nick Salat.

The President addressed gatherings at Kaptengecha, Kapkoros, Bomet Stadium, Silibwet, Chebole, Kaplong and Sotik.

Later he also addressed a rally in Bomet Green stadium in Bomet district during his second day in the South Rift.


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