Power Equality


Responding to a request by the Kipkelionleaders who had asked the presidednt to name members of the community to senior positions and make Kanu a key part of the government, the president promised parties under PNU that they will be part of the nexy government if re-elected. He said that everything will be done to ensure no individual party made impossible demands at the expense of others.

He also directed the National Cereals and Produce Board to pay the farmers Ksh. 6.7 million for the produce they had delivered after this year’s harvest.

While urging the crowed to re-elect him, he said the presidency carried enormous responsibilities and required a person who was honest and dedicated.

Local leaders asked the government to elevate Londiani Forestry Training College to a constituent college of either Moi University or Egerton University. Kibaki said infrastructure at the college would be evaluated before a decision was made and that the government must contunue delivering its services despite elections. The president addressed crowds at Londiani, Kedowa and Chepseon centres and told kenyans to turn out in large numbers to vote and whoever failed to vote should not hold the government accountable.

The president promised that the government would tarmac the Fort Ternan-Londiani road as money for ths project had been set aside. He sai electrification would also be undertaken in Kedowa.


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