Vote Mwai Kibaki


“I, president Mwai Kibaki, make these pledges to our nation’s youth based on the PNU manifesto to deliver even greater change and a brighter future for all of Kenya’s youth.

We will strenghten the Youth Enterprise Fund to kshs. 5 billion.

We will implement the Youth Development Marshal Plan and create 300,000 new jobs next year.

We will revive the Youth Polytechnics and enhance Busary Support for those attending Tertiary Skills Training Institutions.

We will increase funding for loans to enable those of you who want to attend Tertiary Institutions or University to access these educational opportunities.

We will make it easier for our Young Enterpreneurs to access funding through the Youth Enterprise Funding.

We will provide more support to Young Enterpreneurs in our special economic initiatives such as Special Economic Zones, SME Parks, Semi-Formal Retail Markets, Jua Kali Parks, and rural producer based organisations and cooperatives.

We will invest in more staff and equipment for all Youth Polytechnics.

We will revise the skills training curriculum to allow smooth transitions from post-secondary Tertiary Education Institutions upto University level.

We will support Appreniceship Programs and promote a tradition of identifying, mentoring and positioning young people into Political, Business and Civic Leadership Positions. We want our youth to be fully represented in our society’s decision making and leadership process. We want to develop a culture of life-long learning and self improvement in our country.

That is why we are committed to empowering our young people, so that they can fulfil their potential as the engine of our economy.


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