Ukambani Tour


So the President was in Ukambani yesterday, accompanied by Mr. Munyao abd Prof. Kibwana. He visited Mbooni, Makueni and Kibwezi districts. While campaigning in Ukambani the President challenged his opponents and those doubting his achievements to proof what they themselves had done for the public during their time in public office. Despite the heavy downpour the President addressed the crowd saying that he was confident of winning the December 27th elections. He told the people of Tawa, new Mbooni district that the 40 kilometre Tawa-Kyimbalasi road would open up the new disrict to economic activity. The President also said to the people of Ukambani that his government would enough money, from the taxes Kenyans pay, to cater for the free secondary education and no one should cheat them that the money he shall use is borrowed.
So sisi youth should get our facts right before we start throwing words at people. Wat am trying to say is that the President has already told us were the money for the free secondary education is coming from. So tusiwe na wasiwasi. Wale wengine je?? Wacha Kibaki Abaki


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