Kibera Muslim Women With Kibaki Tena Crew


Yesterday at the Ngong Hills Hotel was a seminar of the Kibaki Tena Group and the muslim women of kibera. The guest of the function was Ms. Judy Kibaki who was there on behalf of the Fist Lady. The semina targeted both young and old women encouraging them to vote in large numbers and not to allow themselves to be bought of sell their votes. One of the facilitators read and explained to the women of kibera on their human rights.
Lets go through them together so that you can also be zindukad about everything. One has a right to:
i. Speak freely. Whatever pressing point should be expressed without fear.
ii. Health. Every human being has the right to good health, no matter the social status.
iii. Education. Now wit free education every child must be taken to skul to improve the literacy level in our country.
iv. No matter wat kind of disability one has, they are also human and should be treated like human beings and they to have their own rights.
v. Movement. Any public land is accessible to anyone.
vi. Worship. Be it Christians or Muslims, we all have rights to worship in the God we believe in.
vii. Culture.If kenyans are stount believers in their culture then by all means they should stick to what they beleive in as long as it doesnt intimidate others.

All these right were read to the kibera women and they said that they dont enjoy some of those right because other people feel more superior than the women and decide to run kibera as their land.
The women also said they would personally help in campaigning for a peacefull election because it is the women and children that suffer most.
The women were enlightened that wen their area is not developing much even after the CDF money, they shouldnt blame the president but their Member of Parliament and their councillor.
The muslim women of kibera expressed their support for kibaki and were happy that his group had the time to come and enlighten them on their right and for ensuring them a better future.
Ms Judy Kibaki addressed the women and also commented on the good work that the president had done in supporting the women of Kibera and also women in general. This is by removing the heavy burden from the women of having to pay their young children’s school fees by proving free primary education and free health care. She also commented the president for building more boreholes in his 5 years of office compared to those opened since 1963.


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